Different Types of Energy Essay

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Energy Paper
There are many forms of energy. The types of energy that can affect the toy car are potential energy, kinetic energy, and work of friction. Potential is the energy of an object due to its position. Kinetic energy is the energy due to motion. Friction plays a part because it shows how much energy is needed for the car to move. All these energies are intertwined in the toy car.
Potential energy is the energy that is stored in the toy car. When an object is not moving the object has a mass potential of energy. There are also different types of potential energy i.e.: elastic, gravitational, hydroelectric, and chemical (Demlin, 2000-2007). The type of potential energy that affected the toy car was gravitational potential energy. The toy car had potential energy it was at the top of a ramp which means gravity was going to affect it therefore the toy car had potential energy (Rouse, 2011). The toy car also had potential energy when it was being pulled back. This is potential energy because the pulling back of the car caused the car to store energy which is potential energy. The max potential energy was achieved when the car made a clicking sound. The toy car showed very different properties of potential energy as explained in the paragraph, and potential energy was mostly associated with the preparing the car for release.
Kinetic energy is the energy that comes after potential energy (“Kinetic Energy”, 2011). Basically kinetic energy is a result of potential…