Different Views of Discipline

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Some people view these terms as examples of abuse. Others view them as different types of discipline that parents could use on their young children. For as long as I can remember, there has been great controversy regarding the difference between what is the correct type of discipline and what is not. Doing research, such as what I did prior to writing this paper, can help any parent decide what type of discipline will be most beneficial and least harmful to the child. The main topic of this research paper was to find alternative discipline methods other than spanking and yelling at the child. It seems like spanking and yelling work if someone were to ask a parent that enforces that type of discipline, but the reason why it works is because the child actually starts to fear his or her parent. This could lead to a broken family or even cause the child to act out even more as they grow older. The potentially poor outcomes are quite unknown, but they could be prevented with safer and more favorable types of discipline. Taking away privileges could be one of the most beneficial ways to discipline a child. Whether it is taking away TV, toys, video games, or even friends for a day, the child will realize that the bad behavior is not tolerated and should not be repeated (Morin, 2014). Many children have different tastes and a parent will know what they enjoy the most and will be able to make the most out of this discipline type by pinpointing what…
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