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Difficult People Analysis

1. In the beginning-part plot outline, Pyotr is a frustrated youth who strives to balance his financial expenditures to that of the amount of his father's low income. The effort to consume father's pension for Pyotr's schooling creates a serious doubt to the financial security of every member in household. Pyotr's father is a disappointment to the family, his anti-social behavior has subdued the family into a state of fear and panic at the harsh tone of his voice. In the middle-part plot outline, Pyotr now fantasizes about the possibility's of leaving the farm and walking the eighty miles North to Moscow. He would establish a capacity for impunity to the family's grief of a missing son. Pyotr will be …show more content…

Pyotr spends his time anticipating for the journey to Moscow, thus generating the spiritual ability to prevail in his daily life.

4. Points of tension occur all throughout the story. The near-end climax is the greatest center of tension during the story, Pyotr realizes the absolute necessity to escape from the house before he is to experience more of his father's abuse. Its ironic that Pyotr's mother slides into a deep apathy for the situation that occurs minutes away before Pyotr's departure.

5. During the story I have come to understand the mother best. She becomes too afraid to take a stand against her husband's tyrannical outburst's, she's happy and content with so little to say and nothing of meager value to prove to her children. The mother has been ravaged by her husband's constant complaining about the smallest of burdens for years, she has adapted to his behavior and has allowed her children to become victims of the insanity.

6. The author lets us experience the conflict and choose the sides of the family that best describe our own sense of belonging. We become accommodated with the protagonist early on, it is the one dreaming for a better life...fortunately, dreaming about success is the motivation that keeps this family sleeping at night and working during the day. Its a story of a dysfunctional family that works together for a common cause, and

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