Digital Immigrants

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In today’s world, technology has advanced drastically that there is not a single body on this planet that doesn’t have a phone in their pocket. Those who grew up with little to no technology are now around their 50’s or older, which are categorized as digital immigrants. In contrast, those who grew up with technology are considered digital natives. I feel like those who are digital natives have better lives than those who grew up being digital immigrants. For example, today’s world it is a lot easier for people to communicate and reach others family members or friends from across the world even though one is laying on their bed drinking some hot chocolate. Unlike in the past, for one to communicate with a relative they would have to make the effort to meet them in person.
As being a digital native, I feel like the technology has not just affected me but everyone around world. Such as a cell phone, every cell phone now a day’s is able to search the web and find what you’re looking for in a matter of a few taps and clicks. The technology we have today is incredibly easy to maneuver, even children who are as young as 4 years old can use an iPhone better than an adult who is at the age of 40. Cell phones make peoples life’s so much easier by being able to send a text message or an email in a matter of seconds and continue to do what you’re doing, instead of having to meet up with the individual in person. Its honestly really rare to see someone send a letter greeting family

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