Digital Parent Trap

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In Eliana Dockterman's passionate article "The Digital Parent Trap", the author builds her argument to convincingly persuade her audience that there are benefits to early exposure to technology which will greatly affect future generations. The author effectively employs use of persuasive and argumentative techniques including factual evidence and research, appeals to emotion, and well-supported statements from professionals. In paragraph 7, the author cites Mimi Ito, an anthropologist at the University of California at Irvine who claims that "kids can engage with specialized communities of interest" through the use of technology. The author references Ito's background as a professional at a respected educational institution and in studying technology's affects on young adults to establish Ito as a respectable source who recognizes the educational benefits of technology. The reader now reconsiders the traditional arguments against children's use of technology because of Ito's undeniable credibility. The author urges the reader into a more open position to accept that this is one of the many …show more content…

The author bases this evidence in MIT's credibility as a research institution, as well as in the concrete facts which undeniably support her claim for the advantages of technology for children. The reader recognizes the specific, credible, and tangible results of the research which reveals another benefit of technology and further builds the author's argument. By providing concrete and credible evidence that virtual technology can improve children's retention rates and engagement, the author further builds her argument that the children who use technology, such as virtual programs, greatly

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