Digital Piracy And Its Impact On Society Essay

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When Game of Thrones premiers to a HBO audience of 10.3 million viewers through legitimate channels, an additional 4.3 million viewers is estimated to watch the premier illegitimately. These digital pirates cause quite a controversy for the show`s industry, legitimate viewers, and the show runners themselves, even. Mixed thoughts, reactions, and even discrepancies in quantitative numbers shroud the perception and comprehension of modern digital piracy. Examining the culture of piracy, how and why people pirate content, as well as the legal and industrial components of piracy can provide a contextualized understanding of piracy in the digital age, and the future of piracy. Understanding technological and ethical factors that lead to piracy, and legal and industrial repercussions to digital piracy are essential to navigating a discussion about whether or not piracy has a great impact on industry or society as a whole. Defining digital piracy is the first and foremost step towards understanding its role in today’s world. For our purposes, looking to Miriam-Webster’s definition of piracy as “the act of illegally copying someone’s product or invention without permission,” is an excellent starting point. Theft, by comparison, Miriam Webster defines as “felonious taking and removing of personal property with the intent to deprive the rightful owner of it.” To contrast theft and piracy, digital piracy does not deprive the rightful owner of the item. With physical objects,

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