Digital Piracy Is It Really?

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With the growing increase in technology comes the increase in the amount of digital media that is being shared amongst the world. With technology now being the means of communication it becomes easier to help those who do not have access to certain content be able to experience it that might have not had the chance. When the topic of digital piracy is bought up in conversation it immediately jumps to the conversation that the use of piracy would be the same as stealing a car or a television, and the question always comes up “would you steal a CD or DVD from the store?” with the answer being no. With the actual physical property being stolen from the store takes on a different aspect of money lost then just hitting the download button. The …show more content…

With all the ways to share digital content it is difficult to understand the relationship between digital sharing and money lost in sales. In “Does Digital Piracy Really, Movies?” By Moyer researchers made a database on the box office returns for the top 10 movies in 17 countries. With one category of movies released before Torrenting became popular and the ones released after. The research showed that movies that were available online first made less than movies that were shown in theaters first. Some say digital piracy does not only impact revenue being brought in, but it also takes away from the original creator’s creativity and ownership over the content. In “Fighting the Phantom Menace”, Oross used the constitution “to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and discoveries.” (152). Oross then goes on to explains that copyright is considered in the category and how the crime of piracy has changed throughout the years and is considered a criminal offense (152). The copyright laws are put in place to give the creator full credit. If that is not that people argue who is to take the credit for the piece and who should be allowed to make money off of their work. With the growing of technology and likelihood of digital

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