Digital Security In America Essay

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In the recent years the world has experienced a paradigm in digital security. With current events such as Edward Snowden’s NSA Leaks and the FBI vs Apple case, the nation seems to be becoming more aware the the injustices done against the American public and violations against our most basic rights, security and privacy.
As Americans, we live in an increasingly digital world. Everything we watch, write, or say is logged and recorded. Sometimes we don't even know just how much data is being recorded. Our phones, an object we never go anywhere without, are filled with sensors to track light, sound, pressure, temperature, location, you name it and it can be tracked and data can be recorded from it somehow. According to PhoneArena “Adding the
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That's quite a lot of data that a smartphone can pick up, use, and provide.” (PhoneArena) This is perfectly fine and extremely helpful in regards to recommending products and suggesting more optimal travel routes but that there is no telling where that data is going and who is able to see it. Some may argue that they do nothing wrong or they have nothing to hide but that is a flawed argument because although most people don't have anything at all to hide by giving the companies access to your incredibly secure data it is a slippery slope and soon they could have access to personal photos or information to use freely. If you have google maps installed on your smartphone chances are that you have an entire history of everywhere you have gone every day. For the sake of argument I want and looked to see what data google had collected on September 19th 2015, the day of homecoming, what I discovered was surprising. As shown in the picture, google knew that I left my house at 1:12 pm drove to Aleesha Chavez’s house and then spent the period from 1:53 PM - 3:16 PM at Zoo boise. After that it was a 45 minute drive home and then I spent four and a half hours before heading back out to the dance at Columbia at 9:00 and eventually heading home at 11:00. Now this
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