Dinner At The Homesick Restaurant Character Analysis

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In Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant by Anne Tyler, Pearl a mother of three kids, Ezra, Cody and Jenny try to navigate through life without her husband who left her. Cody the eldest of the children is reckless and short tempered. Ezra the youngest has a likeable personality that everyone enjoys and he constantly attempts to keep his family together. Cody being the eldest always felt that he should have been given more or the same amount of attention than his siblings. Pearl makes efforts to try to be the best mother that she can but she blames herself for her kids relationships with one another. Pearl loves all her kids but her actions tells her kids otherwise which creates ill will between her kids. The decision for Pearl to love Ezra more than Cody drove them apart causing Cody to attempt to destroy Ezra instead of being a older brother to him.

As Pearl attempts to provide for her family Cody her eldest son notices the difference in treatment in comparison to Ezra who is her favorite. As they grow older Ezra being the favorite of the three kids did not sit well with Cody. During their trip after Cody fails at hitting a target Pearl encourages Ezra to try and do something his older brother Cody could not do saying, “‘Let Ezra try,’ Pearl called again. ‘Beck? Let Ezra try.’ Ezra was her favorite, her pet. The entire family knew it.” (49) Pearl gave Ezra an opportunity to better Cody and Cody being the black sheep of his family took offense to it. Cody is an older brother to

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