Dire Predictions: Understanding Climate Change

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The first chapter of Dire Predictions: Understanding Global warming, covers the general causes and effects of climate change. It also goes into ways of predicting climate change as well. There are both natural and human impacts on global climate change. The main natural causes of climate change are the sun, volcanic eruptions, and the earth's orbit. The main human impacts are increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, in particular carbon-dioxide, which leads to a warming of the lower atmosphere. Along with greenhouse gases, there are secondary human impacts on global climate change, in particularly industrial aerosols. This chapter explains that although natural impacts on climate change have been mainly responsible for climate change in past centuries, in the decades following the industrial revolution human causes have had an increasing impact. This impact has now reached a point where human causes are attributed with the major climate changes in recent decades. The text explains that while it is clear that human factors are the main cause of major climate change in recent years, the predictions of future impacts and consequences of climate change are uncertain. The IPCC has multiple projections with likelihood ranging from virtually certain, 99 percent or greater probability, to exceptionally unlikely which is a 1 percent probability or less. Recent global warming is mostly due to the intensifying of the greenhouse effect. The green house effect occurs due to the
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