`` Dirty Wars `` By Jeremy Scahill

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The fact that there are two sides or viewpoints to every feud, also means that one side influences the other. This one illustrates how blindsided humans have become on certain issues. The fact that the truth for one side can mean that the opposing side false shows how close minded humans have come to be. Either we’re too stubborn to listen or purposely ignoring what can possibly be the truth. Jeremy Scahill, in his narrative "Dirty Wars" reprimands the Obama military activity on war on terror. He negates what he portrays as the organization 's endeavors to "standardize and legitimize" by drones executed and generally Special Operations attacks and other secret military practices that blur the fight lines of the war on terror. In fact, the war on terror and the war on drugs have converged to shape a hydra-headed beast that greedily targets not only Americans, but specific groups of people. Strategies and enactment used to battle terrorism in the U.S. have been turned on the drug war, with awful outcomes measured in lives, appendages, and money. From the Patriot Act to the utilization of witnesses to reconnaissance, the wars on drugs and terror have dissolved into each other. Both conflict, drugs and terrorist associations, are criminal according to universal law in any case if their exercises are persuaded by governmental issues or financial matters.
The most overbearing shared characteristic between these two wars is that they proceed, and will proceed, for reasons having

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