Disadvantages Of Authoritarian Parents

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When set expectations are not met by the children the parents do not necessarily inflict punishment, yet rather become more nurturing and forgiving (Douglas, 2017). This style establishes guidelines and rules that the children are expected to follow as parents communicate and monitor clear standards for the manner in which the children should conduct themselves (Darney, 2015). Authoritative parents are generally more responsive to their children and implement discipline methods that are not punitive yet are rather supportive. Authoritative parents are not intrusive nor restrictive yet rather assertive (Darney, 2015). Advantages A child who cheated in a test at school, can feel intimidated and guilty and have little trust with whom to confide in. However if said child has a good relationship with their parent, in this case is an …show more content…

Children are expected to comply and follow strict rules established by authoritative parents, these rules tend to lack an understanding by children as the authoritarian parents fails to explain the reasoning behind said rules (Darney, 2015). Failure to follow and comply with established rules often results in punishment (Kail & Cavanaugh, 2016). Darney (2015), claims that authoritative parents are inclined to not be very responsive to their children and have high demands for their children. Advantages A child who has bullying tendencies would benefit from having an authoritarian parent who would provide structure and rules. The child would see that their negative actions can result in punishments and thus, ideally, stop the unwanted negative actions (Darney, 2015). Structure set in place by the parents could take the form of discipline as the child would see that bullying other children is not the appropriate outlet for emotions and adopt a more obedient temperament (Darney, 2015).

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