Disadvantages Of Coal Combustion

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What do you think combustion is? Combustion happens every day and every were. It could happen in factories cars an even in houses Combustion which is also known as burning is a reaction that involves a combustible material and an oxidizer. It's an exothermic reaction that releases heat and light energy. There are two kinds of combustion, complete combustion and incomplete combustion. Complete combustion is when a hydrocarbon and oxygen react to form water and carbon dioxide. Incomplete combustion happens when there isn’t enough oxygen present for the reaction to proceed. When there isn’t enough oxygen the reaction produces carbon monoxide and carbon instead of carbon dioxide.
Power plants are stations that burn fossil fuels such as coal to generate electricity. The burning of coal is used to heat water until it forms into high pressure steam that turns turbines to generate electricity. The burning of coal in the power station is incomplete and produces toxic gases that have negative effects on humans and the environment. This essay will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using coal …show more content…

Since coal is an abundant source it is cheap compared to other energy resources, plus the coast of extracting coal is not that expensive. Coal is easy to burn and safe to store plus it isn’t as dangerous as other power resources like nuclear power plants, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. Since coal needs to be extracted this provides job opportunities for people, coal mines can employ 134000 people, contributing to high employment rate. Not only coal mines offer job opportunities but the construction of new power plants also can offer new jobs for people. The burning of coal produces by-products that can be sold if it was properly captured such as sulfur and ash which can be used in other products. Overall power plants have a big effect on the community and it brings economic benefit for the

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