Disadvantages Of Odysseus

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Odysseus has escaped death and monsters time after time and his sometimes heroic but bold actions turned him into a hero for the Greeks. There were as many disadvantages as there were advantages for Odysseus and whomever followed him throughout his voyage. He consistently wanted more and usually picked fighting over being logical and safe, therefore resulting in many casualties due to his forward behavior. Many may think Odysseus’ crafty and impulsive nature, how he almost always had a need for things that would be beneficial to him in the end (if he lived that is), even though they were usually risky, and how/what he did to cause so many redundant casualties, and how that all would have led to his downfall if he didn’t have luck on his side.…show more content…
These heroic actions that Odysseus performed, indisputably turned him into a hero for the ancient Greeks, from his quick thinking to his brave behavior.
Ironically, Odysseus’ need for his own gains/earnings lead to many losses, whether they were mental roadblocks or physical casualties of not only his men but his loved ones back in Ithaka as well (for example, his mother who died of old age and stress over her dear son being gone for so long). According to Barry B. Powell, the ancient Greeks favor the type of man “who loses everything than the man who regains all”, which is actually really unusual but it fits perfectly with Odysseus’ character (Powell). Another instance that leads the ancient Greeks to calling Odysseus a hero is the fact that in the Odyssey he is viewed as a comic-typical hero wins and gets the girl. The ancient Greeks evidently like the intellectual man whom displays honor and intellectuality in their everyday life, and Odysseus is a clear title-holder for the position that they’ve been looking for to call their
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