Disadvantages Of Smart Health Cards

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SMART HEALTH CARD ABSTRACT : The scope of this paper is to bring about digitization in healthcare, where each individual’s health records are uploaded to the cloud and are accessed by a smart health card. Smart card is used in information technology as a portable integrated device with data storage and data processing capabilities. In other fields, smart cards used in health systems became popular due to their increased capability and performance. Its efficient use with easy and fast data access leads to implementation especially in security systems. This paper has been done to concentrate on smart health cards which would be very useful to patients who suffer from chronic illness. Smart cards are used for personal identification and transfer of health data and…show more content…
They tend to get damaged very easily. There is no guarantee that it can be kept safe for many years by the patient. They are difficult to maintain over a longer period of time. In case of any accidents, if the person readily has the smart health card with him or her, medication can immediately be done by looking at their medical history. If the person gets unwell suddenly in a place where he or she has got no manual medical reports with them, then smart health cards will be of great use since there is no difficulty in carrying them to any place. ADVANTAGES OF SMART HEALTH CARDS : They are easily portable. Records can be maintained easily over a longer period of time. A complete medical history of the patient will be available. Even if the patient is not able to explain his medical condition to any doctor, it can be easily known from this card. It cannot be easily damaged. Even if the card is lost, the records of the patient are not list since they are permanently present in the cloud. If their respective account is signed up with the new card, their records are backed up to the new card. DISADVANTAGES OF SMART HEALTH CARDS
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