Disadvantages Of Surgical Training

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As many of these simulators focus on the cultivation of different skills, they can be exploited at different stages of the surgical training. For instance, medical students can develop their skills in communicating with the patients mainly with the help of standardized patients, but when the time to learn how to perform surgical procedures come, they are training on simulators that aim to make them familiar with practical skills such as part-task trainers, VR simulators.
In order to create a more realistic educational environment, more than one type of simulation can be used simultaneously. For example, when a student is practicing on making sutures on a suture pad, a standardized patient can participate in the simulation so that …show more content…

Plenty of trials that compare the traditional methods of teaching such as lectures with simulation have been conducted. Their results indicate that in comparison with students trained with traditional methods, participants who were trained with the assistance of simulators have learnt to perform surgeries in less time with more accuracy. This combination of reduction in time required for surgeries with the increase in accuracy can reduce the number of postsurgical complications. As a result, the socioeconomic cost of surgeries will, also, be decreased, as patients will not be hospitalized for a prolonged period of time in order to manage the complications. Furthermore, participants stated that simulation triggered their attention increased their interest in medicine boosted their confidence and made them feel more ready to perform an operation.
Taking into consideration that some studies show medical errors to be the third leading cause of deaths nowadays in the USA, simulation can completely transform the providing medical care by radically reducing the cases of medical malpractice. Simulation allows surgeons to practice in a safe environment in which there is no danger of harming a patient and participants can repeat an exercise as many times as they wish before they implement what they know on real

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