Disadvantages Of Synthetic Chemistry

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Synthetic chemistry is a study were we can make man made chemical compounds as there are several types of it they include polymers which divides into several topics such as polyester Polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene which all have different properties and aspects that can be taken advantage of in many applications. This topic I was given will help me explore the impact of synthetic molecules on developing technologies and daily life as well as the implications of synthetic molecules including their advantages and disadvantages.

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Synthetic chemistry is the science that interferes with the formation of chemical compounds out of simple substances, these chemicals are called synthetic organic chemicals other
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The nature of plastic has paused a challenge in the industry of PVC manufacturing as when it is exposed to high temperature or ultraviolet rays, the heat can distort the plastic. As a results scientists needed to implement and use new scientific innovation to solve this problem thus came up with the idea of incorporating additives to the compound to give it the ability to resist or prevent the effect of heat and rays on the tensile strength of PVC. Therefore the solution of using heat stabilizers within the PVC compound was a successful one in terms that it gave it the property of resisting heat to keep its stiffness and durability.

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