Disadvantages Of Vaccination

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Immunisations against various diseases benefits the wider population. Discuss.
Immunisations made a debut to the world in the early 1800’s after Edward Jenner created the smallpox vaccination. Vaccine can be defined as a product containing dead or weakened antigens of a specific disease so that the body’s immune system is able to recognise the disease.1 The term immunisation can be defined as the administration of a vaccine to stimulate the body’s natural immune system to build resistance as well as immunity to a specific disease.2 Whether or not immunisations do more to benefit an individual is controversial. One disadvantage of immunisations is the implications that can occur. Another negative view is that artificial immunity is not as …show more content…

There are extremely common mild reactions which are caused by the natural response of the immune system as a response to the antigens in the vaccine being put in an individual.4 Parents generally do not like to see their child in pain so purposefully doing this can be disheartening. What can cause this to be even harder is the fact that an allergic reaction from the vaccination can occur. It is a waiting game for approximately 20 minutes after a vaccine is carried out if they decide to follow through with getting the vaccination. During this time, they have to remain hopeful that no severe effects occur and ought to just hope for the best.4 Accordingly, it may sometimes seem that the best option for keeping family members safe is to not have them vaccinated due to all the possible risks involved.
Secondly, several in today’s society believe that natural immunity is more beneficial than artificial immunity. This is because although artificial immunity is strong, the effects caused by natural immunity are much greater hence longer lasting.5 One way of natural immunity is natural passive immunity. Through this, offspring receives antibodies to help fight infections during the beginning of its life either through the placenta while in the uterus or breastmilk from the mother. Natural active immunity is said to produce higher antibody levels against ailments as

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