Should Vaccines Be Required By Law?

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Should Vaccines be Required by Law? Introduction The Center for Disease Control estimated that 732,000 American children have been saved by vaccines in the last ten years. Vaccines should be required by law so that we can protect ourselves by building our immunity to preventable illnesses, in an easy, quick, and inexpensive fashion, helping stop major epidemics, and in conclusion, save lives. Body Con 1 - Vaccines weaken a person 's immune system, and can in cases make someone ill. Vaccines are sometimes unreasonable because our immune system can defend itself, and at time can make things worse. Another problem with vaccines is that majority of the time a child 's immune systems can deal with most infections naturally (Vaccines…show more content…
There were also similar cases in Japan and Sweden (Turkington and Ashby). Experts came to the conclusion that the lack of vaccines brought back pertussis in all three cases (Turkington and Ashby). We don 't notice the effects of vaccines because many of the illnesses they prevent are now rare, with their effects now forgotten (Kwok). A vaccine is a mix of potentially infectious agents, or some noninfectious part, given to build up a resistance (Stratton). There are four main groups of vaccines: those containing living infectious organisms, those containing infectious agents killed by physical or chemical means, those containing living organisms, and ones containing parts of microorganisms (Stratton). The vaccinated person 's immune system then learns to recognize the bacteria as a threat and develops defenses against that specific bacteria so when an individual is exposed to the live version of the bacteria, his or her body is prepared to defend itself. (“New Vaccines may be cheaper, work better.”) Con 2 - Complications to the vaccines, and the possible cause of illness or reactions can be risky. Vaccinations are not without controversy. Some parents worry about the possible side effects of vaccines can potentially harm their children. Who should not be vaccinated: anyone who has had a serious allergic reaction to a previous shot, anyone with a severe allergy to eggs should not receive MMR, flu, or yellow fever
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