Disadvantages Of Wealth In Beowulf

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Blights and Benefits of Beowulf’s Booty
In the epic poem Beowulf, translated by Seamus Heaney, it discusses the advantages and disadvantages of wealth that are shown in today’s modern society.
In Beowulf, the epic depicts many scenes of how wealth in today’s modern society shows someone’s power. One way this is shown by the kings in the story. This is shown by King Hrothgar when he talks about how he handled his enemies, saying, “Finally I healed the feud by paying / I shipped a treasure-trove to the Wulfings” (Heaney 470-471). King Hrothgar pays his enemies with precious gold from his treasure hold and he ends up settling the feud. It is displaying how being wealthy can make a person so powerful that they can pay their enemies to stop attacking them. Another way that wealth can show power in Beowulf is when the kings are being described. One excerpt that shows this is when King Hrothgar is introduced to Beowulf, saying, “Then the grey-haired treasure-giver was glad” (607). The author specifically describes the most powerful men in the land as treasure-givers. This not only shows the Anglo-Saxon cultural beliefs, but as well as reflection on current society. The wealthiest man in the world, currently, is Bill Gates with a net worth of 85.6 billion dollars (Kim). He is not only very wealthy, but very influential in today’s world, especially in the technology business. Finally, Beowulf is king and wishes to look upon some of the treasure he has won to see how much power

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