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Awakened to only Disappear

I opened my eyes to the tree’s auburn shadow dancing on the west wall. Crusts in my eyes scratched my cornea like an eagle jabbing its talons into prey. I try to swallow but my throat is dry; my spit feels like a lump of peanut butter. I scrunch my toes between the mattress and the footboard in an attempt to warm them. A piercing screech comes from the other side of the wall; it's probably Dad trying to move something heavy outside. "Just be quiet!" I whisper to myself.

As I wrapped my arms around a blanket and sank into the mattress, I heard it again! That was the end. There was no way I was going back to sleep now! I just lay there; what could it be? The sound was still coming from behind the wall and that's
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Go see what's wrong with Ramey!"

She yelled back, "She is your cat and I am too busy!”

"Too busy,” I thought. She didn’t look busy to me. I told myself, “Just do it!"

My hands were so sweaty when I turned the knob, it just slipped. Finally, I grasped the handle and slowly creaked opened the door. I could hear her plain as day now, screeching with what was left of her lungs. I called her name and she didn't come, so I stepped onto the freezing cement with my bare feet. I crouched down to see if she was hiding under the car, but she wasn’t there. As I made my way around the car, the noise turned into a high-pitched cry, like the sound of a person stepping on a mouse's tail.

Ramey was jammed between the garage door and the cold concrete. Her head lifted a little every time she gasped for a breath. I ran back to the house and hit the garage door button so she would be released.

"Why didn't you check on her!" I screamed at mom.

She said, "What are you talking
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The sound soothed me, until her raspy gasp sliced through it, causing me to tear up again. “It's okay, everything will be okay,” I repeated over and over, to myself more than her.

Her back legs led straight to the blood trail, and the rest of her body was almost at a ninety degree angle to her legs. It looked as if her spine was snapped straight back and got stuck. Her wormlike intestines were scattered in the blood along with dark black speckles. Every time she took a breath I could see the inside of her move.

I had to stay strong not only for her, but for myself. If I cried too loud she might dislike it and maybe bite me; I didn't want to scare her.

My sister Carly came out into the garage and asked me if she could pet Ramey.

I snapped at her saying, "No! Just! Get! Out! Don’t look at her!”

Then I heard a car pull up by the house. It was Grandpa.

Mom made me go into the house so Grandpa could do what had to be done. I told Mom, "I don't want to hear it!" I plugged my ears as tight as I could and waited, and waited, and waited. Then BANG! She was
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