Discipline And Punish By Michel Foucault

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In the article, Discipline and Punish by Michel Foucault, he describes a social theory called panopticism. In Foucault’s panopticism he talks about the panopticon, an architectural plan that was created by Jeremy Bentham. The Prison structure of the twenty first century uses that same building design as the panopticon. We see how the plague town in the Panopticism shows a chain of authority. Prisons in the twenty first century use the same style of chain of authority in their correctional institutes. The panopticon brings out a lot of mental effect to the prisoners when they are sent into the cell. Prisoners in today 's society society go through the same mental effects of inmates in the Panopticon. The ideas of panopticism are relevant to the development of the twenty first century through building structure, a chain of authority command, guard surveillance, and mental effects that prisoners go through.
Foucault uses Bentham’s panopticon, a design for a model prison, as a symbol for disciple methods that operates through a variety of ideas. The Panopticon was architectural design that has cells in a circular structure with a central watchtower that was above the cells. In the article Foucault and the Architecture of Surveillance: Creating Regimes of Power in Schools, Shrines, and Society by Joseph Piro he states , “The Panopticon is a prison that is built radially, so that one guard positioned in its center can view all prisoners. Foucault mapped out the origins of the
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