Discipline With Dignity Is Centered On A Positive Value System

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The disciplinary model that is featured in Discipline with Dignity is centered on a positive value system. Instead of focusing on discipline issues and power struggles, teachers should focus rather on how to positively influence the lives of their students. This is important to note because in addition to the curriculum, students learn about their behavior, their choices, and how they affect others in the classroom. The chapter focused on what causes discipline problems from sources within and outside of schools. Many of the out-of-school causes of discipline problems are largely out of the student’s control because they deal with family life and society. The authors noted that the quality of the child’s home life has the single largest influence on a child. However, if the child comes from an unstable or impoverished family background, several disadvantages emerge. An unstable home environment may be caused by divorce or an unconventional family structure, like foster care. Children coming from a divorced family may be emotionally needy while attending school, while students from foster care may experience educational deficits like grade retention and truancy. Impoverished students may attend a school that does not value academic success and as a result, they begin to devalue education. On the other hand, students who are overindulged by their parents may develop a sense of entitlement. In terms of societal influences, media can have a damaging effect due
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