Discontent Against Homosexuality

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Sex is one of the most natural activities humans do. Yes, physically sex can be very pleasurable, but it is a bond two persons share in an attempt to connect in a more intimate way. Why is sex between a heterosexual couple accepted, but homosexual sex is not? What sets the standards for what is natural and what is unnatural? Standards based on the personal opinions mean the various activities of everyday life are in a sense unnatural. In America, seeking medical assistance when sick is normal while in other places across the world, holistic medicine is performed. Therefore, what is deemed natural and unnatural based on cultural and individual norms is not a valid argument against homosexuality. Diverting from the societal norms does not make something unnatural, but unfamiliar. A large amount of the activities that we do are not considered normal. Would we consider riding a unicycle wrong because very few people do it? The answer is no. Morality is not based on what’s considered usual, but what’s best for everyone. Homosexuality is natural and should be treated as such by all. In this paper, I will be defending Corvino’s objections to the discontent for homosexuality. When someone is born and grows up attracted to someone of the opposite sex it is considered normal, so why do people believe homosexuality is unnatural? Isn’t it the same thing in reverse? Homosexuality is different from incest, polygamy, and bestiality. Primarily, homosexual sex is between consenting adults

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