Discouraging-The-Isms Reflection

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I will make a change by identifying the problem, taking action, discouraging the ‘-isms, speaking out, and evaluating my own actions every day. Once I acknowledge that privilege and oppression exist, I can start combating the tower of violence, oppression, and privilege. I may not be a part of a widespread social movement, but every day I can be a part of the solution if I follow a few steps. First, I will identify the problem. I will see that it is a problem to laugh at racist jokes, and to take the sexist ads lightly. Also, I will see that it is a problem to be silent and not to speak up. Once I see what the issue is at hand, I can identify the favorable outcome of the situation or social issue. For example, if I see a sexist ad that is sexually objectifying women on …show more content…

As long as I do something positive, I will help the situation, even though it will be difficult to step off the path of least resistance. Once I have developed a plan of action, implement it in my everyday life, and go against the norms of society I can evaluate my actions. I will ask myself “was I effective or am I part of the solution or the problem?” Appraising my impact on society is an extremely important step to do in the process of making a change. It is vital to evaluate this step to see the progress I’ve made in myself and in society. I may not think I have changed much in society if I simply stop laughing at sexist jokes and start opposing them, however it is a start and it may be the first step in challenging the tower of violence, combating privilege, and fighting oppression. I will make a change in the way I approach all of the situations that may be racist, classist, sexist, or ableist because if I am not a part of the solution I will be a part of the ongoing

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