Discrimination Against Women 's Rights

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However, discrimination against women is something that many people have learned to overcome, but accepting and forgiving discrimination is another story. This will continue throughout the future years until males learn to share. There is so much more work to be done, most women don’t have the privilege to do anything still. But all these struggles and suffering has led to the women who are in power today. Unlike the women in the Western countries, women in Sudan have a whole different issue and fewer opportunities. Women are challenging the discrimination prescribed in the legal code. Islamic laws are very strict on their women and give all the power to men. In addition, women have the rights to make their dreams come true and accomplish their goals. They have the rights to be positive, smart and an intelligent; to become successful in anything they want. It’s an unfair decision for only boys to go to school and girls to stay at home. Parents in Sudan consider this a waste of time and money, but what they think about is only found them a good rich husband to give their daughters a life of fortune and happiness, but if only the parents knew how much this affect young girls personally and physically. (Samia) Equal treatment should be given to any young girl like the Western Countries do, where a girl can fall in love, date a man and get to know them. But in Sudan they can be married by their parents or legal guardian without the young girl or woman’s consent in Sudan; this
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