Discrimination In Pandit Suraj Mani 'AndThe Sword And The Sicky'

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exploitation. Being an untouchable, she is kept waiting for hours at the well for a bucket of water. Oh, Maharaj! Maharaj! Won’t you draw us some water, please? We beg you. We have been waiting here a long time, we will be grateful (Anand 1935:182). The female have-nots are thwarted from all sides. They are not more than tamed animals. In Two Leaves and a Bud, Reggie with evil intentions calls Leila, “Come to my bungalow, I will give you nose ring and bangles” (Anand 1937: 272). Leila is molested to her death. Narain knows the devilish character of Reggie, so he comments, “nobody knows what may or may not happen here, brother...Nobody’s mother or sister is safe in this place” (ibidem : 42). Likewise in The Road, Rukmini suffers from…show more content…
When an old lecherous Seth makes sexual advancement towards her, she "is firm like a rock, becomes her own protector. She shouts in self-protection at Amru: Go away and eat the ashes!. ..Monster!...Don’t torment me!" (ibidem : 127). We also come across children have-nots in some of the novels of Steinbeck and Anand. These children suffer from malnutrition and malnourishment because their parents cannot afford them nutritious food to eat and hygienic dwellings to live. They are also left uneducated. In The Red Pony, Jody Tiflin is butted by the restrictive convictions of his parents. The pathetic condition of the children depicted in The Grapes of Wrath is applicable to each and every child belonging to the families of the have-nots. The young have-nots are in worse stipulations in the migrants’ refugee camps. "The tent is full of flies clinging to the apple walk that is the dinner, buzzing about the foul clothes of the children’s, particularly the baby who has not been bathed or cleaned for several days. There is a clump of willows nearby where human faces lie exposed to the flies - the same flies that are in the tents there was an another child, a four-year-old boy. Few weeks they had noticed that he was kind of lack a deistical, that his eyes have been feverish…They had given him the best place in the bed between father and mother. But one night he went in convulsions and died, and the next morning the coroner’s wagon took him away. He had had no milk for months.

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