Discrimination Of African American Women In The Film Industry

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let’s face it, discrimination isn’t over, and it never will be. Women have been belittled in almost every industry in comparison to males. The numbers are there, and there is no argument against it, women have made and do make less. Quite frankly, it’s ridiculous that in this day and age that we have advanced to, we still see women as less superior and deserving of less pay. the average wage for women is seventy-seven cents to the dollar that a man makes for the exact same job. To add salt to the wound, they also can get laid-off for fighting for this equality, it’s absurd and completely sexist. On top of this, African American women along with Spanish nationalities make even less than that. In more than one state, these women can face less…show more content…
Women have a small place in the film industry. Well, let me clarify, a VERY small place in the industry. The biggest role they have is in producing, which is getting a script, director, and team (this is the job for the people with enough money to sponsor a big part of the creation). It has little to do in the actual creation of the movie. They make up only twenty-five percent in film. That means that men, make up seventy-five percent, but that’s only the beginning. five men work in the industry for every one woman, and women only make up fifteen percent of all the writing done for movies. Even worse, for the job of directing, women make up a miniscule nine percent in comparison to the ninety-one that men take up, but one more thing. Cinematographers, the people that film the movie and make it immersive for us, is the worst place for women. They make, only two percent in the entire industry, meaning that the rest is made up of men. this stereotype of men being better than women at their jobs, whether it be directing, editing, filming is based on no true information but rather a stigma of women in the workplace. The public is less able to recognize this discrimination because they're exposed to it every day. But to have such discrimination even in the background and off-stage, without the attention of the public eye, is disgusting and an insult to
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