Discrimination : The Biggest Known Social Problems

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Discrimination is one of the biggest known social problems that everyone will come across during their life. Everybody discriminates people in some type of way; this could range from big to small types of discrimination also. Sometimes people don’t even realize they are discriminating others either, because it has become such a normal thing. This could be something as simple as stating your own opinion, being rude, stereotyping, or even just cracking a joke to your buddies. The problem with doing those things is that you may be affecting someone a lot more then you are actually realizing. To you it could just come off as a playful joke, but to that person who would be the target; it could become a life threating type of joke.
Discrimination of (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) LGBT individuals is the type of discrimination I will be talking about in this paper. This is one of the bigger problems that is happening globally right now, and it really is affecting more people than most people realize. The biggest problems to the “normal” person when it comes to a LGBT member is that they are viewed as different. They don’t follow the normal lifestyle when it comes to love, and interests. The normal way to live is supposed to be a man and a woman fall in love to create a family, because it works. Obviously if someone is interested in their own sex they can’t physically have kids together. To a lot of people that is a problem. People see it as disturbing, and un-natural. They
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