Discrimination Vs Discrimination

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America is known as a mixing pot for those in search of freedom and new opportunities. People of many different races are welcome. But with such a diverse amount of people, racism, and a rather long history of segregation applied itself to the picture. Segregation within jobs, the past and the effect it has now, and the problems it brings with it, still is held in our country to date.

Laws regarding some situations job applications as well as accepting students is called an affirmative action law in certain states. Congress has not ruled it unconstitutional. It brings forward the separation of American's even more. Segregation has brought our government to produce a law in which we have to interview minorities, which leads to the …show more content…

The Civil Rights movement was sparked by Rosa Parks, people were sprayed with water on the streets at an effort to enter a library, people couldn't get on a bus without being discriminated against. Charleston, Ferguson, as well as many other events, sparked the Black Lives Matter protests. But all issues are dealt the same way, a person or child going about their life, brutally interrupted by stereotypes and misinformation.

Why are racism and segregation an issue? Children and people are getting shot by police officers. People are denied jobs, people judged by the color of their skin just to get an education. People are protesting just to state that black lives matter too. Regular humans are being judged just by the way they appear. NFL players are recognizing the issue, the government is trying to change the issue. Children are writing essays much like this one, history teachers are teaching and explaining the issue. Ferguson took place. The affirmative action law was declared. To provide evidence for all that is listed below, The Black Lives matter movement is happening currently. NFL players are kneeling and locking arms in respect for minorities, focusing on a bigger issue; America's soldiers fought for them to have the right to protest. Current events regarding racial issues are taking place in the news and in schools.

Racism and

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