Discrimination Within The Workplace Of The Workforce

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Discrimination in the Workforce
Immigrants come from distinct parts around America, many of their cultures are from around the world. The United States clearly states in the constitution that everyone, despite their cultural background, has the freedom of speech. Categorization by characteristics from ancestral experiences sets many families and workers apart from American workers by how they identify themselves from their place of origin. Despite differences, individuals who travel to America want to pursue a dream, but are being ostracized based on their culture and cannot find employment. In this post-modern society the act of seeing individuals being discriminated against sets off red flags, making society fight for the rights of those being discriminated against. Our American society unfairly discriminates immigration of cultural ethnicity in the workforce and based on geographical locations. Immigrant friendly companies have a highly diverse amount of cultural ethnic workers. Workforces discriminate against workers, and do not accept each individual for who they are. According to Workplace Fairness website, it states “Anti-discrimination protections apply to job applicants as well as current workers. If you are a current employee and are fired, not promoted, or paid at a lower rate, you are protected under the law. If you are not hired because of your race, you are also protected.” In other words, if a worker is improperly treated for their cultural ethnicity or

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