Immigration to the United States: The German Immigrants Essay

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Many immigrants came to America seeking freedom, jobs, and land while others were running from famine and war. While immigrants ran from the problems of their native land, they were running into new problems in America. Americans feared the immigrants would take their jobs or have the right to vote. This fear caused discrimination against the immigrants due to their diverse backgrounds from Germany, Ireland, and China. Immigrants that came to America faced the hardship of discrimination because they did not only stand out with their culture but also because Americans didn’t necessarily want them in America.
The German immigrants made up most of the immigrants between 1820 and 1860. Most of the Germans traveled to America for economic opportunities in hope of success. The conditions of the voyage to America were poor. There wasn’t clean drinking water and diseases spread quickly. When they arrived in America most of them chose to stay in New York and live in German-speaking communities. These communities helped keep their culture alive. Many Germans were also catholic which Americans did not like. Nativists (an organization of natural born citizens that were against immigrants) did not like immigrants especially the Germans because they were a large group (Baker). Anything that was German-related they would change. They changed street names and books and would boycott German music and businesses. Americans would even physically abuse them. Some Germans were tarred and…