Discrimination in the Workplace

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Despite popular belief, discrimination occurs every day worldwide. It occurs for different reasons, but is detrimental to any company or individual. The judgments that occur based on physical appearance, height, weight, gender, and race are affecting the potential professional careers of many. Many companies are limiting their full potential due to the fact that they are discriminating interviewees and employees based upon physical traits. It lessens the chances of developing a strong staff due to the stereotypes and generalizations that discrimination lends itself to. Great candidates are being turned away due to the false pretenses that discrimination brings. Although there are laws and organizations protecting the rights of workers, there has not been a stop put to discrimination. Discrimination against one’s appearance includes a wide variety of aspects. There is discrimination due to weight, height, hair color, skin color, hair style, clothing, jewelry… the list continues. Each of these aspects carries a stereotype or generalization. Overweight individuals, or not physically fit, persons are often perceived to be lazy or undisciplined. That being said, employers tend to have a negative connotation towards overweight interviewees. Deborah Rhode, law professor and author of the book The Beauty Bias: The Injustice of Appearance in Life and Law, conducted a study including both males and females. The studied concluded that sixty percent of overweight
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