Discuss The Use Of Metaphors In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Within a chapter of the story, “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee, a young pair of siblings find various items inside of a knothole in a tree. But as they took the items, more would appear inside of the knothole the next day. The siblings soon want to return the favour by leaving a letter of thanks for the person putting the “gifts” in for them. This knothole is a way the siblings use to try to communicate to the other person leaving the items. Due to the way the knothole is used, it symbolizes mysterious nature of the person leaving the items inside of the hole. “‘Don’t take it, Jem,’ I said. ’This is somebody’s hidin’ place’” (Lee 78). The siblings do not know the reason behind the items in the tree at first, further showing how the

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