Discussing Heart Of Darkness, The Hollow Men, and Apocalypse Now

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Relationship between Heart Of Darkness, The Hollow Men, and Apocalypse Now

The Hollow Men is a poem by T.S. Eliot who won the Nobel Prize in 1948 for all his great accomplishments. The Hollow Men is about the hollowness that all people have; while Heart of Darkness is a story of the darkness that all people have. The poem written by Eliot was greatly influenced by Conrad and Dante. Some people may even think that WWI also influenced it. It was written after World War I and could be describing how people's beliefs had been eroded. I think that a lot of the poem is written about Heart Of Darkness, and Dante's Inferno is used as imagery for the poem. In this essay I will show how the poem The Hollow Men is talking about the same …show more content…

This is apparent in The Hollow Men in lines 13-15 when the poem says: "Those who have crossed With direct eyes, to death's other Kingdom Remember us-if at all-not as lost"(Collected Poems 1909-1935 56). The meaning to of deaths other kingdom does not seem to be hell or heaven it seems to me to be somewhere else. In lines 57-60 Eliot is talking about where the hollow men meet, which is at the tumid river. In Heart Of Darkness "Marlow tells of his journey into a nightmare kingdom of death, the heart of darkness in the forests of the Congo". Conrad describes Africa as a "Kingdom of Death" and the Congo River relates to the "tumid river". Let me digress to the hollowness of Heart of Darkness. The former, Helen Gardner suggests that: " 'The Hollow Men' exhibits the feeling of total meaninglessness, the extremity of skepticism which Marlow said he felt on the brink of death: 'a vision of grayness without form filled with physical pain, and a careless contempt for the evanescence of all things....' "(Landscape As Symbol In The Poetry Of T.S. Eliot 92). The darkness and the hollowness are the same thing. They are the emptiness of moral strength and faith. It is what Marlow feels as he is on the brink of death.

In the poem The Hollow Men there are details taken from The Heat Of Darkness. The tumid river as mentioned above is just one example. In lines 11-12 in The Hollow Men it says: "Shape without form, shade without colour, Paralysed force,

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