Discussion Answers On Yann Martel's 'Life Of Pi'

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Life of Pi
Essay and Discussion Answers:
A1. These words are spoken by Pi after a long discussion of zoo enclosures. Pi has heard many people say negative things about zoos, namely that they deprive noble, wild creatures of their freedom and trap them in boring, domesticated lives, but he disagrees. Wild animals in their natural habitat encounter fear, fighting, lack of food, and parasites on a regular basis activities. As per these biological facts, animals in the wild are not free at all in the zoo, rather, they are subject to a strict set of social and natural laws that they must follow and die. Since animals are creatures of habit, zoo enclosures with abundant food and water, clean cages, and a constant routine, made heaven for them. As per Pi, most zoo animals do not ever try to escape, unless something in their cage frightens them. …show more content…

People misunderstand the nature of animals in the wild, to a person free of any religious system of belief. The agnostic men may think he is at liberty to believe or disbelieve anything he wants, but in reality he does not allow himself to take imaginative leaps. Instead, he endures life’s ups and downs the way an animal in the wild does: because he has to. A person of faith, on the other hand, is like an animal in an enclosure, surrounded on all sides by a version of reality. Pi embraces religious belief for the same reason he embraces the safety and security of a zoo enclosure: it makes life easier and more

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