Discussion Of Animal Experimentation On Animals

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Kasandra Marzec Thomas/ 1B World Studies/ Honors November 19, 2014 Discussion of Animal Experimentation Research Animal experimentation has been the basis of human knowledge for the advancement of medical and biological breakthroughs as early as 200 C.E.. It has been estimated that more than 100 million animals are killed in U.S. laboratories alone for scientists’ tests. Organizations and laws have been formed to prevent harmful experiments from taking the lives of animals, however, scientists argue that there would be a crushing blow to the future and current research in our world. Tests on animals have been around since the 3rd century since the Greeks dissected the bodies of animals to further understand how humans work. Fast forward in time and into the present where a striking number of animals are used for these purposes. In fact, the California Biomedical Association states that basically every medical theory has been accumulated through the experimentation on animals (“Animal Testing”). Animals are used in research when there is a need to find out what happens in the whole, living body, which is far more complex than the sum of its parts. It is difficult, and in most cases, simply not yet possible, to replace the use of living animals in research with alternative methods. Also, Frankie Trull, a science advocate, has explained, “If you’ve even taken antibiotics, had a vaccine, had chemotherapy, an MRI, a blood transfusion, dialysis, an organ transplant then you
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