Disease Analysis: Cancer

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It is hard to pick one disease to target, because all disease causes pain and suffering. The individual with schizophrenia will pick that disease for its debilitating effect on personal freedom and the mind; the individual with muscular dystrophy will hate that condition for impeding mobility and causing the rapid degeneration of the body. However, there are few diseases as universally scorned, feared, and hated as cancer. It is therefore cancer that I choose as the disease I hate the most. For one, cancer is of yet incurable. There are perhaps too many different types of cancer to make it possible that a cure might apply to all of them. What angers me most about cancer might not even be the disease, but the fact that so many of the greatest minds in science are being used by the biochemical and biotech industries to develop unnecessary products and services that only serve to create profit. Instead of being focused on profit, research organizations should be emphasizing finding a cure for cancer. Without a cure, people who suffer from cancer often feel a sense of hopelessness. Yet I have also seen the opposite happen: false hope. Sometimes the false hope comes through New Age type healing, claiming that positive thinking can cure cancer. This is obviously not true, or else fewer people would be dying from cancer. Another type of false hope comes directly from the medical establishment. I have seen doctors peddle chemotherapies and radiation treatments to people who do
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