Disguising Of An Individual Characters Either Consciously

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Disguising of an individual characters either consciously or unconsciously for the purpose of hiding from the existing truth or from various persons in the society; is a character is explicitly depicted in the epic poem of odyssey by the legend Homer. Human beings mostly in time of distress put on various personalities in order to avoid, and shield themselves from circumstances that are vitally sensitive and above their power of control. This paper discusses and clarifies the vital debate; on the theme of disguise and how it has been used to validate the genuine nature of loyalty, and true personality of individuals in the various books written by homer. Odysseus, the leading character, consciously chooses to camouflage his appearance …show more content…

The true personality of the worker who treats the beggar in contempt shows the hypocrisy present in some of the palace workers to those below their social status this is evident in the dialogue between the maid servant Melantho and Odysseus (Homer Book 19 Lines 70 - 79). Through such an encounter, odyssey portrays the true nature of an individual reaction when interacting with another guise.
The theme revolving disguise is not an entirely weak plot (Jones 2-3) since such plotline the emotional strength, perseverance of Odysseus is depicted. He resists the urge of disclosing the truth immediately to his wife and this can be used to suggest patience in his suffering, and challenges though uncomfortable to him. Odysseus accomplishment in such a skill as disguise, colluding with Athena depicts the importance of discipline in face of wisdom and the tremendous accomplishment it might result into. I agree with Jones in disputing improbabilities on the analytical hypothesis of whether the usage of disguise of the personality of Odysseus was a weaker plot on the epic odyssey. Disguise a thematic style and more particularly on the character of Odysseus as a beggar. This has been explicitly covered to vividly bring out the psychological debate on the aspect of rationality and intuition as portrayed on Penelope. Hence this theme has been effectively used to enrich the poem and to make other themes and style to be built upon. Intuition,

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