Archetypes In The Odyssey Essay

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Archetypes in “The Odyssey” Most people think of a hero as a strong, superior, good-looking person that could never make a mistake. However, in a story called The Odyssey, a connection to real life reveals imperfections to be common in heroes. Each person has their low points and highlights, regardless of their “rank”. The author and epic poet, Homer, exemplifies our main character, Odysseus, to take on this idea of a hero throughout his writing. The time period took place in Ancient Greece, allowing Greek culture to relate to the poem. Different aspects of such culture and history may have influenced the works and creativity of Homer as well. A major point includes The Trojan War because it focuses in on Odysseus’ journey to bring Helen back home by devising a plan to destroy warriors in the city. Acknowledge this factor when reading The Odyssey, for not only evidence of heroism, but also other major points of archetypes, in which the device reflects the insights of readers in modern time and what is seen from Ancient Greek culture. In the Odyssey by Homer, the main character, Odysseus, demonstrates hero like characteristics. An article called The Hero’s Journey states that a hero is someone having the courage of judgement to act on feats benefitting the general populace(Ch.1, Sec.1). Throughout the epic poem he shows such traits to the reader, and characters in the poem. Someone in another person’s life may feel this way due to similar actions. Selections from

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