Disney Products and Child Labor

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One of the happiest places on earth is slaved by child labor. Walt Disney, the self-made American tradition that supposed to represent imagition and bring joy, happiness and universal means of communication. Walt Disney is one of the biggest companies that have child labor going on. These less fortunate children are slaving making toy, books, clothes and etc. for children who are having one of the happiest times of their lives. There are human rights violations being committed. These children are threatening physically, mentally and emotionally. Children are being sold by their parents to work off near impossible debts. These children are defenseless against bullying, beating and sexually abuse. Physical harm including stunted growth, permanent injuries, illness, traumatization, rape, and death. Since these children that slave child labor don’t know any better they are easily controlled and threaten into obedience. These children are to grow up to be unskilled, uneducated adults and so is the next generation because this ruthless cycle is going to continue. All these children that are slaving to make these different items share the same basic needs for safety, food, sleep, hygiene, and medical care. When being punished they are giving fines that include forgetting to turn the lights off and showing up to work late. These fines can cost up to two months of pay which devastates many because they are already poor people. Sometimes employers give constant fines so the woman

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