Disney 's Hercules And Percy Jackson And The Olympians : The Lightning Thief

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Movie directors change the way they depict characters based on things like genre, intended audience, accuracy of the myth, and even personal preference. The directors producing Disney’s Hercules and Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief had similar intended audiences but very different views on the feel of the movie and how the gods should be perceived. With Zeus being the king of the gods we can predict a lot about the movie just by the depiction of Zeus. Both movies introduce him in the first few minutes of the film to help with that.
In Hercules, Zeus is first mentioned in the muses opening song. They sing about how he saved the world from the Titans. So we already know he is going to be a good god before we even get to see him. When we do get a visual it as at the birth of Hercules. All of the gods are gathered around to celebrate Hercules. Zeus is the biggest and looks wise from his white hair. He also has a lighting bolt pin on his toga reminding us of his powers. He’s very loving toward Hercules and Hera. He even plays games, jokes, and makes Hercules Pegasus out of the clouds (Hercules, 1997).
From this introduction to Zeus we can tell the movie is happy oriented. Everyone is always smiling. Zeus reflects the happy feeling movie in his personality. The audience knows that in this movie Zeus is good and less self centered than how Zeus is depicted in Percy Jackson.
In Percy Jackson, Zeus is a major part of the beginning and the end. We are introduced

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