Hercules Compare And Contrast

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There has been many discussions on the differences between Hercules and Heraclês. Disney likes to change stories to make them more child friendly. This creates differences between the original stories and the Disney take on the tales. In the case of the movie of Hercules and the story of Heraclês the main differences, that I will be focusing on is family value, true love, and comic relief. One of the biggest differences between “Hercules” and Heraclês is the fact that in the movie, “Hercules”, Zeus has only one son, which is Hercules. This difference falls underneath the family values portion. Zeus, the ruler of Olympus, has multiple children in the myths. While in the movie he has the one, Hercules. Zeus focuses only on Hera, he is deeply infatuated with her. On the other hand Zeus in the myths is a “player”, lots of women got his love. The Disney version applies more to modern day life than the myths do. In today’s society a man is supposed to have one wife and have kids with her only. However in the myths, Zeus, had multiple wives and a great deal children. Disney is working to connect with the audience by having it look like a typical family. The next difference between has to deal with true love. Hercules has one true love in the movie. That love is…show more content…
In the film, “Hercules”, there were many comedic characters incorporated. The creators of this movie wanted and needed to incorporate things to make it popular to the masses, therefore they added things like love and comedy. In this case they added characters like Pegasus, Phil, Pain, and Panic. However in the myths there is no need to incorporate any comedic relief because these were written to give us an accurate dictation of the Greek Gods and Goddesses and all of their tales. Therefore they needed to be gorey, painful, and difficult. While the Disney version needed to appeal to the masses and capture their attention right
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