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Here's a little shoutout to the ladies for surviving "that time of the month". Especially those of us that have forgotten products at home or don't have some. I believe it's a problem that we don't have product dispensers in women's bathrooms. This can cause lots of personal, educational, and social problems in one's O.J. Experience.
Having dispensers, I think, would improve the learning experience.

Girls at our school being embarrassed because of something natural is a big problem.
Obviously girls getting their periods is natural and shouldn't be criticized. But the sad fact is, it is. Girls are getting bullied and embarrassed for it. This problem occurs because we don't have the stuff girls need when they start. Yes, most people remember to bring products, but the some that forget, get really embarrassed and not a good day. This is why having dispensers in girl's bathrooms is important.

There are many
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If a girl gets her period at school, then she can just go to the bathroom and get something and this will eliminate all the effects of not having products. This will also eliminate having to go all the way to lockers to get things. It is a feasible solution. And it is very practical. It is obviously the best solution to this problem.

However, not everyone agrees. Another solution would be just to ask friends or adults for products, but that's really embarrassing. If we put dispensers in bathrooms, this will not happen. Again, I believe that this is the best solution.

In conclusion, putting product dispensers into girl's bathrooms will solve the problem that girls are getting embarrassed because of something natural. If this problem is not solved, girls in our school will keep getting bullied and criticized, and this will give the school a bad reputation, and will make lives worse for everyone. This solution will make bullying and embarrassment way less of a
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