Dissonance from the Allegory of the Cave by Plato

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As a parent and college student, I hear advice from many others that conflicts with what I have learned to be factual. My different outlook is met with reactions ranging from mocking eye rolls to anger. Should I avoid stating my beliefs to those that will suffer cognitive dissonance or push my issues in order to improve my child’s quality of life? The Allegory of the Cave by Plato symbolizes a similar situation. According to this work, using my new wisdom in a rational manner will be the solution.
When I asked my first question, I reflected upon the most important thing in my life. The question was, “Am I raising my son the way I want him to be raised?” The reason for this reflection involves the pressure I was feeling from family members at the time. I do not believe in corporal punishment, even though that is how I was raised. I have since learned that there are better ways that do not leave emotional scars and lifelong struggles with anger and aggression. My nieces and nephews are being disciplined the way I was growing up, and my beliefs against it have caused my family to drift apart. From this point on, I will state my case against it if I am questioned, or I believe someone is in danger, but it would not be rational to crusade against my brother and his family. They do not understand things in the way that I do now, and think every fact I have told them is unproven and untrue. I will provide love and support for my nieces and nephew in any way I can, and

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