What Is A Distributed Operating System Security

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Distributed Operating System Security
Anthony Fuciarelli
3030 Operating Systems
Dr. Michael Johnson
22 November 2016

Distributed operating system security is that of which security is implemented on a system of connected computers that share and run information. This type of security system is different than your average security features that a person may have on just a laptop or home computer system. The biggest challenge is keeping the information that flows in a distributed operating system safe, as well as protect against the multiple threats that security in a distributed operating system face. Its important to understand how a distributed operating system security works, as well as the many different types of threats that the distributed operating system security will face. Before the actually security in a distributed operating system is discussed its important to understand what a distributed operating system is and how its different from what most users are used too. A distributed operating system can be described as an operating system or OS that runs on multiple central processing units or CPUs but to a user it seems like as if its all one machine. An example would be multiple computers linked together on one network that includes other devices such as printers or scanners. Every user that accesses these computers on this network has access to the resources and files that are on the network, as well as the devices that are connected.

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