Divergent Belonging Quotes

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“In the absence of love and belonging, there will always be suffering.” In the novel “Divergent,” by Veronica Roth, Beatrice Prior faces the rather harsh truth not knowing where she belongs or if she even belongs at all. The test that she undergoes to determine where she belongs doesn’t help her choose where she belongs but may have confused her even more, deeming her divergent meaning that she should fit in multiple places but she doesn’t see it this way. She chooses the Dauntless faction to be what suits her best but she doesn’t fully believe in everything they do and this seems to become a problem. This proving that a lack of belonging or where you think that you belong in society can lead you closer to death. Tris is trying to make herself feel like she should belong in Dauntless, her newly chosen faction when really she belongs with the Divergents. “A new place, a new name. I can be remade here. “Tris, I say firmly.” (Roth 60). Tris says that after she was the first …show more content…

In chapter thirty five Tris is caught by the Erudite people and is about to become executed for not belonging in this world. Her mom comes in out of nowhere and kills off the guards. Then revealing that she is Divergent Mrs. Prior and Tris try to escape to find the other survivors. In the process Mrs. Prior is shot while covering Tris this proving that the ones who don’t belong usually end up dead. This part of the book reminds me of the minorities of the world. It does because minorities can be seen as not big enough to have their opinions heard resulting in absurd protests or the death of their opinions. In this case it would be more like the death part because we see Natalie Prior just like the ideas that society deems unworthy of a shot at life. Furthermore secreting the conclusion that even just the ideas of an unpopular group are seen as not to belong and end up

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