Diversity Efforts

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To increase diversity, employers are permitted to consider race or gender as a factor in selecting employees. Race differences in the workplace force diversification. I personally think that it is necessary. I would never think to hire or not hire someone, because of skin color or race differences. Hiring or not hiring someone, because they have a different skin color is just as wrong. However, because discrimination has occurred, history has created the need for laws to protect working class citizens. Breaking into classifications by race or gender is now common in the U.S. In making employment decisions, I do think that there are ethical factors that create exceptions to the rule. In particular, gender considerations playing an active…show more content…
Petitioners, white and Hispanic firefighters who passed the exams, but denied a chance at promotions by the City’s refusal to certify the test results, sued the City and respondent officials, alleging that discarding the test results discriminated against them, based on their race in violation of, inter Alia, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The defendants responded that if test results be certified, they could have faced Title VII liability for adopting a practice having a disparate impact on minority firefighters. The District Court granted summary judgment for the defendants and the Second Circuit affirmed. ( Rici vs. DeStefano, 2009) . On November 24, 2009, all fourteen firefighters received their Title VII claimed promotions. The rulings of the Supreme Court also certified the results of the 2003 promotional exams as stated, 2. The New Haven Civil Service Board shall certify the results of the 2003 promotional examinations for the positions of Lieutenant and Captain in the New Haven FireDepartment and shall certify the promotional lists for each position derived from these examination results.( Rici vs. DeStefano 2009). This case has set a precedence for future cases in reverse discrimination. The text Industrial/Organizational Psychology breaks down the determinations of fairness in testing into three categories; adverse impact,
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