Diversity In Sports Analysis

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Americans. Also, in the InterCitys there is no facilities like this one, so they play basketball or football’. Moreover she asked me ‘do you how much a skaters really cost? The data analysis revealed that the high cost of a membership at the ice arena and prices of skating equipment might be a factor that affect diversity in sports. On the other hand the financial factors cannot be only the reason for lack of diversity among ice sports fans and players. Kate stated ‘you need to be a lawyer, dentist or doctor to afford this’ which is true, but she ignored the fact that there is doctors and lawyer of color who can afford paying for their kids to attend facilities like BGSU ice arena. The participants reasoning is right to some extent, but …show more content…

Practicing or learning any on ice sport costs a lot of money and only affordable to those who belong to the upper class. The upper class is predominantly white. Therefore, the vast majority of those who apply for a hockey or other on ice sports scholarships are white! When I watched a hockey game at BGSU ice arena, I have noticed that not only the vast majority of the players, but also the fans are white. When you think of the majority of the fans are white? It makes perfect sense if you think about it from the family perspectives; for example, the oldest son plays hockey and his family went to watch the game with his younger brother or sister, Then that young brother or sister turn into another white hockey player. Simply it becomes more of a family tradition, legacy or heritage than a sport. Kate indicated’ yes it’s harsh and ridiculously expensive to practice skating. Because you don’t have the buying power that hockey team does. So kids get scholarships to afford it’. So, scholarships and the college system affects diversity in ice sports. Basically, if you are a person of color or from a lower class you get way less opportunities than a white or upper class person. So, the lack of equal opportunities and resources offered by colleges to students, creates the white and upper class the predominant groups in ice …show more content…

This points out the lack of communication problem and it’s not only a white race or a non-minority problem, it’s every race problem. Like when Black person want to buy a house he buy a house in a Black Neighborhood, he goes to a Black church and the same for people of other races. Since the sports is just a reflection of our societies, it makes perfect since to see the
Hockey getting more white player and basketball getting more Black players. There has to be an end for that lack of diversity, by developing more communications with other races, moving out of our comfort zones and familiarize ourselves with other human’s cultures, religions, and colors. By taking a look at BGSU team’s pictures, I have noticed, that in about 50 years there was only a Black player at the year of 1992 and few other players who seemed to be Asians.
Stereotyping. People tend to stereotype the others regardless whether they are from a non-minority or a minority

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