Diversity In The College Classroom

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Being a woman of color means I am inevitably silenced by the superior white male, yet being an activist eliminates my voice by the majority in all forms. My first year of college has been interesting, to say the very least. I’ve grown accustomed to the distinct differences and surprising similarities between myself and the hundreds, maybe thousands, of other students on campus, which I wasn’t familiar with among the fifty-two people in my high school graduating class.
That being addressed, being in a college classroom is enlightening. I love hearing the ignorance coming from the mouths of people only a few feet away, it’s almost impossible to restrain myself from screaming. No, I really do. Learning about the benefits from systematic privilege is far more insightful when it’s heard from the privileged themselves. It’s essentially the phrase, “Know your enemy.”
As a young Latina in America, I’m statistically more likely to get pregnant before graduating high school compared to the other teen pregnancy demographics; we are buying more baby diapers than college textbooks. It’s heartbreaking to acknowledge, yet more infuriating when the system plants these numbers in my Latina sisters, and …show more content…

Do they listen? Do they low-key groan and roll their eyes? It’s difficult to address my beliefs in class is lightly stated. It’s exhausting and anxiety-inducing, gut wrenching and gives me an unsteady heartbeat. Yet the more I talk, the stronger my stance is, and the more confident I am in what I thrive for. What’s most significant and my ulterior motive in arguing with the classroom’s majority opinion is to hand a perspective other’s might have not thought, or potentially been aware of. The more socially aware, or “woke” I am, the more likely I am inclined to assume everyone is on the same page, which is by far the

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